Child Education Insurance For Lifetime 2024

Child Education Insurance Definition

It ensures that your child receives the education they desire by providing a lump-sum payout at maturity or in the event of an unfavorable circumstance. It functions as a safety net to ensure that your child’s education is not compromised if you are not present.

In the competitive and technologically advanced world in which your children are growing up, a robust education is now a prerequisite for achieving financial stability and advancement. Unfortunately, it is all too common to hear, “I wish I had started saving earlier so I could afford to send my children to college.”

Ensure their education, even if you become ill. This optional Waiver-of-Premium Benefit stipulates that if you are unable to work for at least six months due to illness or accident, EFU Life will continue to pay your current plan contribution in full. This means that education arrangements for your children will continue to be carried out regardless of your health status.

Dual Purpose Insurance

The school system and personal savings may often be integrated into a single form of insurance known as endowment insurance. According to the terms of the agreement, therefore, the premium payments that are made by the parents might be made for a certain amount of time.

Therefore, once the moment has come to withdraw from this kind of insurance, then the sum of money that will be obtained is going to be rather substantial.

Unit Link Insurance


A kind of protection insurance known as unit link type insurance is a form of insurance that functions in the same manner as investment. as is to say, there is the potential to make a profit at the same time as one is making payments toward one’s educational costs.

To return to the nature of investments in general, there is no assurance that the insurance you purchase will continue to be beneficial to you even after you have purchased it.

Child Education Insurance For Lifetime 2024

How Much Should You Invest In A Child Plan?

Education is essential for a prosperous future. Your primary responsibility as a parent is to ensure that your child attends a reputable high school and college, regardless of the major or career path they choose. Considering that India is a developing nation, the children of today play a crucial role in the nation’s future development. All of this is possible with the right education. Education not only opens the door to a financially secure life, but it can also help students cultivate an open mind and live a more mentally and physically balanced life.

However, in some instances the cost of education can be prohibitive. According to a study conducted in 2019, the annual expenditure of a student’s education from kindergarten through postgraduate school is 8,331. This is a broad estimate that incorporates all sorts of institutions and colleges in the United States. Private schools and colleges charge significantly more than public and government institutions. Professional courses such as engineering and medicine can be even more expensive. If you add inflation to these costs, the total amount will increase dramatically. It is difficult to manage these expenses with a limited income.

How do Child Plans work?

Consider Mr. Kapoor, who has purchased a 10-year insurance policy for his infant through SmartKid with ICICI Pru Smart Life. Depending on the premium mode he chooses, he will now be required to pay a monthly, semi-annual, annual, or one-time premium. In the event that Mr. Kapoor passes away in the seventh year of the policy, his nominee will still receive the full quantity of life cover. In the event that Mr. Kapoor survives the policy term, he may choose to use the funds in installments for his child’s educational milestones, or he may opt for a single sum settlement at the end of the term.

How Do Child Education Insurance Premiums Change If The Policyholder Dies?

One of the numerous advantages of child education programs is the premium waiver benefit. Our child education plan, SmartKid with ICICI Pru Smart Life, includes this feature. This benefit ensures that, if the plan’s policyholder passes away, the insurer will pay all future premiums on the policyholder’s behalf. This will enable the policy to continue in the event of a misfortune. This ensures that the child’s education continues regardless of the circumstances.

Child Education Insurance For Lifetime 2024

When Can Money Be Withdrawn From A Child Insurance Plan?

Depending on the selected plan, partial withdrawals are possible from a minor plan. For instance, the ICICI Pru Signature plan and the SmartKid with ICICI Pru Smart Life provide simple access to funds during the policy term for unforeseen financial emergencies. Up to 20% of the fund value may be withdrawn after the fifth anniversary of the policy purchase+.

These partial withdrawals+ are permitted at no cost and without penalty. They also have no effect on the quantity insured. Therefore, even if a partial withdrawal from the plan has been made previously, the child remains financially protected and receives the entire sum assured amount in the event of a misfortune.

Benefits of Education Insurance

The purchase of school insurance for one’s children comes with a host of inherent advantages. Here are the advantages that you, as a Fellow Analyst, will have if you decide to make use of child education insurance!

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